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Vermicompost Bin

Put together a new vermicompost bin last night about 9:00 with a headlamp. LOL. With it being dark and rainy last night I decided to take pictures of it today.

The trays in front of the bathtub were the original worm Palace. They have upgraded to a lot more room. I found this bathroom tub in the woods and decided to pull it out and put it to good use

First I put about 4 inches of pine shavings in the bottom of the bathtub and got them damp. This acts as their bedding. Next I put about a half inch of chicken manure on top of the pine shavings. One of the worms favorite diet. Yummy

To top it off I put leaves, stick and pine needles. Pretty much anything a worm would eat in the wild. The very last thing I put on was a layer of cardboard to keep the little Wiggly guys in. If it wasn't raining I would have wet it down what they watering can myself. Maintenance on this type of vermicompost it's quite simple. Check it every other day if it hasn't rained to make sure it is moist. Add any food scraps or manure when getting low. When the worms have munched through their food and deposited the castings in the bedding dump out the bin and start again.