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How I Made 14, 4 Foot By 12 Foot Garden Beds & Planted A Few Hundred Radish And Beet Seeds

I made 14, 4 foot by 12 foot garden beds just over a year ago. These were made in a lasagna garden style. Witch means to layering different materials on top of each other to make the beds.

Here is how I made them:

  • Cut the grass very short

  • Put a layer of cardboard on the grass

  • Next was 2 inches of compost on the cardboard

  • On the compost I put 4 inches of hay

  • After the hay I put 2 inches of double ground wood chip mulch

The first year I companion planted corn, beans and sunflowers in the beds. After clearing the beds in the fall, I added a few inches of leaf compost and mulched them with whole leaves that were raked up that fall. The beds sat over winter furthering the decomposition of the different materials.

While planting the Radish and Beet seeds in these garden beds today, the ground was dark and fluffy with a lot of worms. The wood chips had turned into a rich soil. Lets look at how I planted the seeds.

First I made rows about one foot apart by moving the top layer aside and exposing the ground.

Made the rows with a good old Hoe.

After making the rows with the hoe, I used my Hori Hori to dig a little bit deeper into the rich earth. Only about an inch deep.

They're not perfectly straight but there isn't much in nature that is. LOL

Beets. Planted one seed about every two inches. In three weeks or so I'll thin them to about four inches apart.

Radish. I planted the seeds about one inch apart. In about three weeks I'll thin them to two to three inches apart.

After planting I pushed the soil and mulch back over the seeds. It was raining all day today again so I didn't need to water them in

I'll do an up date on there progress in two to three weeks.