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How I Threw Together Two 8 Foot Wide 20 Yards Long Garden Beds

Making a couple of garden beds just for leafy greens. I [plan on having a few different types of lettuce. Some cut-and-come-again varieties and varieties like romaine and iceberg that form heads. There will also be spinach, blue kale and red Russian kale.

The grass and weeds were cleared by my pigs. Then I laid cardboard 8 feet wide and about 20 yards long to block out any grass and weeds that may try to grow back.

On top of the cardboard I layered 3 to 4 inches of compost. The leafy greens don't have a very deep root system so 4 inches of compost should be good.

I will be planting a lot of seeds the end of this week into one of these beds. I'll bring you along with me and show you how I plant the seeds and keep you posted on how they're growing.