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The Food Forest Is Starting To Have Some Acation

The Food Forest starting to wake up. There were a whole lot of ladybugs on the Autumn Olive trees.

Ladybugs are beneficial insect for gardens and Forest Gardens. The majority of their diet is made up of aphids. So I love seeing these little guys crawling around my plants!

Young apple tree starting to Bud. I'm not expecting to get any good fruit off of this tree for the next couple years.

I've got quite a few blueberry bushes spotted around. They're starting to get their flowers and leaves also!

Got some asparagus Spears popping out of the top of the Hugelkultur Mounds in the Food Forest. These asparagus roots are going on their third year. Asparagus takes a while before you can Harvest from it. Hopefully next year will be the year.

In the background you can tell that the comfrey is doing very well. Some of the comfrey plants already have flowers on them.

The strawberry plants that are planted throughout the sides of the Hugelkultur Mounds are beginning to flower! Homegrown strawberries are one of my favorite things to eat straight off the plant!!

Was able to get some of my herbs planted today in the garden beds behind the Food Forest. So far there is cilantro, parsley, sweet basil, dill, thyme and Spanish bush basil seeds in the ground.